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Get flawless skin with Autologous cellular therapy


Want to have a flawless skin especially if you are bride to be- Autologous cellular therapy is the answer. In the recent years, it is emerging as a safe and effective therapy for managing various forms of acne and scars.

“Acne is caused due to an obstruction of sebaceous follicles on the face due to high levels of sebum/oil production. This leads to occurrence of pimples, blackheadswhiteheads, greasy skin, and may result in scarring. Benzoyl peroxide, topical/oral antibiotics, isotretinoin etc. form the conventional line of treatment for acne and scars. However, these treatment modalities are not always associated with complete cure of the condition. Systemic side effects due to long term use of these medications are also a cause for concern,” remarks Dr. Pradeep Mahajan of StemRx Hospital.

“Autologous mesenchymal stem cells improve skin regeneration and tissue integration by increasing vascularity and collagen synthesis. Stem cells have the capacity to replenish dying cells and regenerate new tissue,” he adds.

One of Dr. Mahajans’ patients, Smita, a software engineer and soon-to-be-bride, says “I had deep scars and pits on my face caused by years of acne and pigmentation. These did not fade even after various cosmetic as well as medical treatments. In fact, an increase in scarring was noticed after certain chemical treatments”. Smita worried that she would have to rely heavily on make-up to cover the imperfections and that in turn may worsen the condition. With just few months left for the wedding, she researched about advanced treatments for skin and came across StemRx Biosciences Pvt. Ltd.

At StemRx, her condition was assessed and Smita was advised cellular and antioxidant therapy for acne and scar removal. She underwent a single session of cellular therapy (local injections in the affected areas) and is under antioxidant therapy for a period of 6 weeks. Diet modifications were advised, which included consumption of antioxidant and vitamin rich foods. She was also advised yoga for relaxation and skin tightening.

Within few weeks of therapy, Smita noticed an improvement in pigmentation. In the subsequent weeks, along with fading of scars, it was noticed that the occurrence of new pimples had reduced.

“The pits left behind by acne scars are gradually filling up and her skin is becoming smooth and even toned. The therapy has brought a glow to her previously dull face,” says Dr. Mahajan.

“My fiancé and friends are absolutely amazed with the results. They look for changes in my skin everyday and compliment me on the improvement in skin texture and scars. I feel confident that before my marriage I will have a glowing and radiant face,” happily says Smita.

A perceptible happiness in her voice and face is evident when she beamingly says that her first wedding invite will be to Dr. Mahajan!



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