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A mother like no other

Since my childhood, I have always heard that god cannot be everywhere so he recreated himself as mother. So true, mothers are always considered as God. Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a Mother. She is considered as the most important member of a family.
A mother is someone who can play any role but her role cannot be played by anyone. Mother’s day is celebrated once in a year but to cherish her love and celebrate her dedication Mother’s Day should be celebrated throughout the year.
I celebrated the Day by giving my mom a bouquet and chocolates. To make her feel special, we tried to give her a break from the everyday schedule. We served her favorite breakfast in the bed. Tried cleaning and decorating the house and spent quality time with her letting her know how important she is to all of us.

A big salute to all the Mothers.
Nikita Goyal,
Vashi, Navi Mumbai


Waste Mismanagement


Waste management, which is a science, has remained closeted to seminar halls and is heard about only in slogans. The garbage disposal has become almost a menace with ever increasing wastes and diminishing disposal grounds. This has made it all the more imperative to adopt the latest waste recycling technologies and this calls for adopting innovative and eco friendly waste management schemes like segregation of waste into organic or bio degradable and inorganic wastes , dry and wet garbage, for better waste management. However these have not been enforced so far in most of the Indian cities. Similarly sewage treatment plants, incinerators etc., technology for which is easily available, have not been patronized for reasons which are difficult to apprehend.
There are several time tested techniques available from developed countries to manage wastes in metropolises. The concept of dry and wet waste segregation, sewage treatment plants and utilizing its effluent for horticulture and other non domestic purposes, treatment of bio-degradable waste through vermi-culture and destruction of inorganic non bio-degradable waste through incinerators and other pollution control techniques are already available for implementing. Otherwise, the residents will keep on suffering for the follies of the state authorities.

Vikas Jain,


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