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Should women above 50 be allowed to go for IVF?

ravinderWomen going for motherhood at the age of 50 is rare. The recent case has evoked lots of controversy. However in my view, this is very personal and if the mother is healthy and her gynaecologist has no objection, age really should not matter.
Ravinder Lal
Social Worker


Nitin Vangani Ps 20160620_134400Women going for IVF after 50 is risky as per doctors. Hence before taking any decision the doctors should be consulted and the health of the mother should be taken into consideration.
Nitin V, Student


sanjivThere is both pros and cons for this. For the childless couple age makes no difference. All they desire is to have a baby. Doctors, however, would differ as this may lead to serious health issues. However such a decision is very personal and should be taken in consultation with doctors.

Sanjiv Sharma
Sr Vice President


image1This is a very personal decision. For the childless couples IVF is a boon and if a mother is fit and healthy even at the age of 50, she can experience motherhood. Of course in consultation with doctors.
Alex Khan, Businessman
Navi Mumbai


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