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Your views on 24×7 policy on malls & other establishments

anilpagarThe late night/over night operations of establishments particularly catering to consumers has both darker and brighter side of the spectrum, one cannot say these two sides of the coin, it’s two ends of the spectrum. The darker side is anti social elements would have an easy go, and here the social vigilantes would have to up the ante supporting the law makers to avoid untoward incidents such as robbery and women exploitation. The brighter side is that it would generate more employment and availability of commodities round the clock would reduce stocking and hoarding resulting in overall price reduction. The bonus is therapeutic to those who crave comfort foods or those who run to the closest malls to forget stress or keep away depressive thoughts.

Anil Pagar
CEO, SpadeWorx Software Services, Pune


pravinYes why not. We Maharashtrians have 1 police for 10000 people. Who will look after late night offences? At the day time police force is not enough. What will happen during the nights ?

Pravinraje Shindhe


ganeshYes it should be 24×7 as there are some people who would like to go to cafés or restaurants after midnight, rather than going to clubs.

Ganesh Iyer
Navi Mumbai


vickyLet us see if it stands true to the claim of employment generation (possible) and safety for women working late nights (gray area) as plans change the moment they are out of the white board!

Vicky T M
Service, Mumbai


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