Empowering ONE Another .

Who is a Stree?

By: Sayan Biswas

Stree comes from a Sanskrit word,which means to expand one’s self. A woman is called stree because she helps in expanding the other person in every form.When she’s a part of someone’s life,she helps the other person to expand in every aspect like when she plays a part of being a daughter or a wife or a sister, she teaches others the art of expanding their affection and helps them see things in a different light and teaches them to live a better life. She comes in this world not for herself but for the others. She always gives and never expects anything in return. She can be deeper than the oceans and shallower than the planes. And when someone or something she loves is hurt or taken away from her,the fighter within her roars to life and she can do anything, go up to any extent to protect it. She is a nurturer for the ones she loves and destroyer for the ones who threaten to take away or harm her close ones.

Here,we are going to talk about the destroyer part of the “STREE”. The Syrian girls and women are famous for defending their town from western backed Islamist terrorists.They willingly give away their childhood and achieve maturity as the condition prevails. Replacing their doll houses with guns and arms. And they do all this all the while keeping a smile fixed on their faces.They love their country.They are passionate about their people and hence happily give away their lives for them without a second thought. The fighter in them never backdowns and the destroyer in them is always looking for the opportunity for finishing their enemies. Born with beautiful faces having sweet smiles and innocence in their eyes,they live to die. Ready to sacrifice them at the beck and call whenever required.

Enjoying this ride surrounded by so many dangers they give a care about recognition and achievements. All they care about is saving the love of their lives i.e.,their country and their people. These women represent the epitome of sacrifice.

Therefore,don’t underestimate a woman as she is the purest form of passion, love, power, integrity, dignity and what not.


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