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Developing Healthy Self Esteem in Kids

(A series of articles by Seema Khurana, Counsellor & Psychotherapist) Part 2

What can we do to develop our children’s self-esteem?


Parents who have feelings of security and self confidence are likely to transfer the self-esteem principles to their kids.

Children get more affected with their mother’s moods & behaviour. Hence mothers will likely to instill the self-esteem they have…in their children.

Those who have negative self-concepts pass those on to their children. The most effective way to instil self-esteem in one’s children is for the parents to develop it themselves.

Parents who spend real time with their children convey the message: YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ME- and whatever you do, however you behave you are my dear child. I may not approve your certain behaviours – we need to work on them, but that doesn’t reduce my love for you…. and that is the major component of self-esteem.

We are not talking about trips and outings. We are talking about getting down on the floor and playing blocks, board games and piggy back rides…. giving them a chance to win ad accept failures if the situation arise.

Finding out what’s on their mind and what they are interested in is a crucial component of getting close with your child.

Remember the definition of Love: “If it’s important to you-it’s important to me”.


….to be contd


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