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Mothers dish out delectable healthy snacks

Mumbai: There was excitement all around as the mothers along with their kids tried to show off their cooking prowess by doling out some delectable treats from select ingredients. They were part of the Mother’s Day celebration organized by Mount Litera School International (MLSI), an IB school in Mumbai. Renowned chef, Maria Goretti judged the competition.

“As parents and mothers we are constantly battling huge advertising that tell kids how eating chips is so much fun or how a big dollop of sauce is going to make their food even more tastier; basically promoting packaged food over fresh food that we mums so painstaking make. Hence, I think this initiative on Mother’s Day where we pull in all our resources and try and help each other out for making food healthy for our kids is really great to be associated with,” shared Ms. Goretti who also introduced mothers to healthy alternatives for snacks that were tasty yet nutritious which included Ragi pan cakes made of Ragi flour, eggs, curd and milk giving a healthy twist to the regular flour based pancakes. Another unique substitute she presented was whipped soy cream as opposed to regular and calorie laden whipped cream.

Maria Goretti, renowned chef

Mrs. Navyata Goenka, Advisor, Mount Litera School International said, “The event was specially curated for our mothers to introduce them to nutritious alternatives that are quick, healthy and a favorite amongst kids as I believe eating right is just as important for a healthy body and all-round development.”

StreeNews wishes a Very Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely mothers!!!


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