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The multi faceted eco-friendly diva: Summer Rayne Oakes

Thomas Fuller, the well known British historian / writer had said, “He who plants trees, loves others besides himself.” This holds so true for Summer Rayne Oakes, a well known model from New...

Dahi Handi celebration with a difference

With an aim to abide by the recent SCs ruling on the height and age limit for dahi handi, women commuters decided to celebrate the festival in the local train in Mumbai.

Your views on 24×7 policy on malls & other establishments

The late night/over night operations of establishments particularly catering to consumers has both darker and brighter side of the spectrum, one cannot say these two sides of the coin, it’s two...

Padmaja Duvvuri adorns four entrepreneur caps with élan

Navi Mumbai based Padmaja Duvvuri (42) is a serial entrepreneur- a social media expert, CEO Arete Technologies, Partner Oye Trenz, Partner Go NextLevel, partner Univ travels and one of the 10000...