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Your views on sedentary lifestyle of children these days?

atulDue to mobile internet and other things, the children of today do not like to go out and play like we used to do thus paving ways for obesity and other related diseases. Today’s children have lost their innocence and also spend a lot of time in front of the TV and today’s parents also have given way to the Mall culture. Children are growing weaker as computers have replaced outdoor activities.

Atul Lakra


ayappanIn today’s time, kids have access to internet which is freely available and because of that they spend more time being at home than going out and playing due to which they lose interest in life.


hariBlame whom? Too much homework or parents spoiling kids and pushing them towards obesity.
Hari Pai Angle


pearlYester years we had the privilege of being outdoors most of the time and thereby inhaled fresh air, interacted with peers and so on but today our kids spend time glued to their head-sets or iphones and ipads reducing their mobility significantly making them couch potatoes, lacking in social skills and lower emotional quotients lacking sensitivity and empathy for others – a very sad plight that needs to be altered sooner than later.
Dr. Pearl John


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