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Know your skin type

By:-  Sunita Jadhav

pic for sunitas articleEvery woman aspires to look beautiful and from here starts the hunt for various beauty products like creams, lotions etc. However, very few of us have proper knowledge about our skin type and hence end up selecting beauty products that may not really be suitable to us. Let me make it clear that one must understand that External Beauty is always temporary. What is important is to bring out the beauty from within.
Different types of face creams are available in market. Make the right choice by choosing the creams suitable to your skin type and condition.
The first step is to identify one’s skin type. To do so follow the simple step:
Wash your face before going to bed, do not apply any cream. Next day morning check and note down following observation –
If the T Zone area i.e. Nose, Forehead, Chin and Cheeks are oily then the skin type is OILY
If only forehead, Nose and Chin are oily and cheeks are dry then the skin type is COMB-INATION
If the T Zone is normal i.e. no oil secretion then the skin type is NORMAL
If the face looks patchy with fine lines then the skin is DRY & DEHYDRATE
Once we have identified our skin, it would be easier to select the beauty products.
When choosing the products consider the following :
Check if the product is Cream based or Water Based
For Dry Skin choose cream based produc
For Oily Skin choose water based product
It is advisable to monitor one’s skin condition as the season/climate changes and select the product accordingly.


The writer, Sunita Jadhav is Creative Director, Pearls Beauty Salon and Beauty Academy; International Cosmetologist CIDESCO (Switzerland); Yoga instructor and Dietician.


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