Empowering ONE Another .

Women are Humans!!

A poetic expression by Aileen Marques

Women are put to fear,

They are groped, grabbed and molested by men so near.

Some patriarchal politicians and police don’t care,

They blame the women and question… why did they dare, why did they bare?

Whom do we blame?

Who is responsible for this shame?

Should the women, we tame?

Or just find consolation is all the sexist justifications that are but excuses lame!

Life goes on in other cities,

But the victimised women are horrified.

Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai among others are now termed unsafe cities.

I’m sure women all over India are petrified.

Our hearts are troubled.

We feel the pain..

When we think of the instances of women groped and grabbed.

It’s time to speak, to act, to defend,

The rights of women as human persons.

With blaming, let’s not “Women” Offend,

Let’s just crush sexist patriarchal aspirations.

Wake up Woman!!

Your body belongs to you.

Wake up Man!!

Please unlearn lustful attitudes, will you?

The world needs a humane race,

Let us join hands, thoughts and deeds

And punch the abuse, violence and exploitation in the face.

Women are not your objects,

Women are not your subjects.

Women are Human!!

Women are Free!!

Women are Equal!!

Safety in society is our responsibility.

Let us understand and promote gender equality.


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