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‘When the going gets tough, the tough gets going’- firmly believes Sunita Jadhav

With the resolve to never give up, Sunita Jadhav’s story is of grit and determination, which has made her emerge as a winner. What makes her story truly inspirational is the way she has battled the odds to rewrite the story of her own life.

Sunita, an Electronics Engineer, started her career as a Class I officer with DGQA and worked in Defence field for nearly 23 years. Like any other successful professional, Sunita would have continued to be in the Defense service, but life had entirely different plan in store for her.
While riding a two wheeler, Sunita met with an accident, which completely changed her perception of life forever. She was diagnosed with brain tumour and although it was successfully operated upon, Sunita had to take voluntary retirement, as she could no longer cope up with the stressful job schedule.
“However, having worked for so many years, it was difficult for a working lady like me, to sit ideally. I desired to do something different- something that is closer to my heart, as well as gives me an opportunity to work for the society,” says Sunita.
As a young girl, Sunita was fascinated and passionate about beauty and glamour. Hence, she decided to try a completely new venture and channel out her passive creative instincts.
“The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel, are the things that endure. These qualities are so much more important than the events that occur,” says Sunita, who decided to join the International Post Graduation in beauty therapy i.e. CIDESCO qualification.

“With the required qualification and skill, I decided to tap and pamper hidden beauty from within every woman to help them boost their confidence in society, for after all, looking gorgeous and beautiful is Birth Right of every woman,” says Sunita with a smile.
And so, with a vision of “Women Empowerment”, Sunita opened her first ‘Pearls Salon & Spa’ in the lake city of Thane, Mumbai at Samata Nagar in the year 2014. After nearly two years of efforts and hard work, Sunita started gaining recognition and respect from the beauty industry which prompted her to expand her business further.
In early 2016, she opened two more branches at Dev Daya Nagar and another salon and Academy at Lokpuram, Mumbai.
“Pearls is an institute which enhances the hidden beauty in a woman- be a teenage girl, college girl or housewife. We help women to find out that pure beauty hidden inside them & shine like pearl in this beautiful world under the guidance of Internationally trained cosmetologist,” says Sunita.
The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination and Sunita’s story once again reaffirms the belief that winners are ordinary people with extraordinary determination.


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